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The Massage and Treatment Clinics Local Referral Network

  • www.mapphysiotherapy.ca – Marie Shinmoto Physiotherapist, children and adults with neurological and orthopaedic issues: Marie provides one on one treatments with extensive knowledge and experience, she works independently and spends up to an hour each visit, Marie is an expert at dealing with Strokes.
  • www.bellefleurphysio.com –  Physiotherapists, Graston Technique, Pelvic Pain (Bilingual): This clinic works for you the Patient they truly care about your outcomes and spend 30 minutes one on one with you, located in close proximity to The Massage and Treatment Clinic we often share patients.
  • www.orleans.mokshayoga.ca – Yoga Classes variety, This location in Orleans is more then a Franchise the owners Julie and Renee have huge hearts always giving back to the community, they will listen to your needs and accommodate as needed
  • www.philionfitnessorleans.com – Matt Philion fitness trainer, Fascial Stretch
  • www.ottawanaturopathy.ca – Dr. Sharon Behrendt ND, Autism, Women’s Health, Pediatrics (Bilingual): Sharon is very kind gentle and knowledgeable having been in practice since 2001 she has plenty of experience, she is a certified Autism Biomedical Practitioner and has served to help regulate her College.
  • www.orleansnaturopath.com – Dr. Danika Sicard ND, Salt Therapy
  • www.orleansintegrativemedicine.com -health team of Pharmacist, Medical Acupuncture, MD’s, Chiropractor
  • www.downsizefitness.com – Classes, Personal Training, Weight Loss
  • www.yogarific.ca – Elizabeth Whissel is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified one on one Rehabilitative Yoga Instructor she is Highly skilled receiving her Masters in Human Kinetics researching Biomechanical Yoga you can take her classes or contact her directly for one on one Yoga

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www.biofreeze.com – we carry a variety of options
www.posturemedic.com – we carry all sizes

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