Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance and Coverage?

If you have extended health coverage for Acupuncture, Chiropractic or Massage Therapy you would pay up front and we would provide you with a receipt with our registration information that can be submited for reimbursement.  We can provide additional copies at no extra cost. We accept Visa, MC, Debit, Cash and Cheque.

We currently provide direct billing for Blue Cross serving VA, CF, and RCMP as well as Moter Vehicle Accident victims (only after extended health benefits have been exhausted can we directly bill to Auto insurer).

We also have our procurement number with the Federal Government as a service provider.

We cannot issue a receipt in someone elses name even if it is a spouse or child.

Any gift certificate purchased is not covered by insurance.

If you purchase a package you pay up front but the receipt for the service will be provided on the day the treatment occured not before.

Does OHIP cover Massage Therapy/Chiropractic or Acupuncture Treatments?

No, these services are only covered through extended health care plans, check with your employer or insurance company to see your coverage. (you may need a doctors prescription to be fully covered)

What to expect on my first visit and What do I wear?

Wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, we will adapt to your needs (With Massage Therapy, only the areas being worked on will be uncovered otherwise you are covered with a sheet and blanket at all times).  First we will have you fill out a detailed health questionaire where your privacy and confidentiality will be maintained, you will then have an assessment from the practitioner which may include special tests, Postural alignment assessment and verbal questions based on what you have shared on your health form.  Sessions may require you to lie face up or down on the table, your therapist will instruct you with their approach, ask if you have any questions and ensure consent is accepted.  If at any time you are uncomfortable please inform the Therapist to ensure you receive the best treatment possible, following the treatment you will be asked your result, be honest we want you to improve, being polite doesn’t help us find the best treatment approach for you.  Home care advice and a recommendation of when to return will then be provided.

For Acupuncture it is recommended to bring Shorts and a t-shirt to have the points more accessible

Chiropractic can be done over the clothes but for exercises it is best to have a change of clothes to make mobility easier

What is the difference between someone who is ||licensed||, ||Certified|| or ||Registered||?

“Licensed” or “Certified” is not the same as “Registered” they do not possess liability insurance, are not regulated by a College Body or the Regulated Health Professions Act and therefore generally will not be covered under your extended health care insurance and often have significantly less training.

What areas are typically worked on in a general full body massage?

Full Body includes treatment on the back, neck, legs (front and back), feet, arms, hands, shoulders, face and scalp. Abdominal massage can also be included, consent is always asked when working on more sensitive areas such as the Gluteal (Buttock) Pectoralis (Chest) regions, it is always best to consult with your Health Professional

How often is recommended to go for Massage Therapy, Chiropractic and Acupuncture?

It really depends on the individual and their particular condition. Generally, in acute conditions, therapy is most beneficial when used over a series of treatments and then followed up with maintenance or preventative treatments. For example, if you were in a serious car accident, you may need to come two-three times per week for 12 weeks before “graduating” to a more relaxed schedule of once per week and then once per month. On the other hand, if you are looking for stress relief, maintenance or relaxation, once a month may suffice.

Factors such as pain level, availability, finances, insurance coverage and your body’s healing time will affect your decision. After going over your health history with you and treating you, your therapist can give you a recommendation as to how often they think you should come. Ultimately the decision is yours.

Is there an Age limit to receiving Services?

No, Massage Chiropractic and Acupuncture are safe for all ages from infant to senior and is often highly recommended, in fact these services work well together because depending on what your needs are you may need one and not the other or all three depending on whats going on, the only thing to consider is sometimes based on age a shorter treatment sometimes is more appropriate.

What is an Assessment?

An assessment is a process for collecting information. It is a necessary aspect of any healthcare. Your therapist is required to perform an assessment so that the treatment provided to you will be safe and effective. An assessment length can vary in time. The time used will depend on the condition that is being assessed, whether the client is new to the therapist or if during the assessment the massage therapist believes it is necessary to perform additional testing. An Assessment is included in the time you have booked this is why for new patients we always recommend an hour as the therapist may have less hands-on time if the assessment is extensive.

After a Massage what should I do?

If you have never had a massage before or it has been an extended period of time since your last massage, it is normal to feel achy sore, similar to a good work out 48 hrs post treatment. Drink plenty of water to re-hydrate the tissues. An Epsom salt bath is recommended also to help soothe and to calm muscles, provided you are not allergic to sulfur. If you have had a deep tissue massage with aggressive techniques it is advised that you refrain from extreme physical activity for 48 hours.

What type of oil will be used?

If preferred feel free to bring your own if worried about sensitivities.  We all use different types which are all hypoallergenic, if you have extreme sensitivity we can use Holy oil or our all natural oil (also sold within the clinic) it contains no mineral oil, moisturizes, no scent, ingredients are: Grapeseed oil, apricot oil, sesame seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil and modified palm oil.

What if I miss my appointment or have to cancel?

We ask for all rescheduling or cancellations to provide a minimum of 12 hours notice or arrange to have someone else take your spot, we do have a policy that the first offense we will forgive, the second is half the cost of the appointment and any additional is the full cost of the session missed.  We are of course forgiving in the case of emergencies.  The reality is this time has been set aside for you and if you had not requested it someone else would’ve, its not fair to your Therapist as they lose income otherwise.

Are Acupuncture and Dry Needling the Same?

No, Dry Needling is an approach by some manual Therapists to stimulate a muscle trigger point.

The approach is based on Western anatomical and neurophysiological principles. It should not to be confused with the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique of acupuncture. However, since the same filiment needles are used in both dry needling and acupuncture, the confusion is understandable.

Acupuncture originated in China over 5000 years ago.  It’s based on the belief that health is determined by a balanced flow of chi, the vital life energy present in all living organisms.
According to acupuncture theory, chi circulates in the body along twelve major pathways, called meridians, each linked to specific internal organs and organ systems. By inserting very fine, sterile single-use needles at specific points along the meridians, your acupuncturist can redirect and reposition the flow of energy (chi) for the purpose of relieving tension, stress, and pain. The uninterrupted and balanced flow of energy along these meridians contributes to one’s overall health.  However, blockages and imbalances result in pain and illness.


Does Acupuncture Hurt?

For the most part no, often you may not feel anything, occasionally there are points that can be tender just communicate with your Acupuncturist so she can adjust needle depth and size for more comfort

Does Cupping Hurt? Why are you left with Large Purple Marks?

No, cupping often feels like a deep tissue massage sometimes you will feel pressure or a bit of stinging but communicate to your Acupuncturist so she can adjust the pressure.

The color and pattern of the marks depend on the level of stagnation in the area if there are no issues in a particular area you will have no mark, and range from a bright red to dark purple, usually lasting 3 days to a week – sometimes longer if the person is very sick or sedentary.

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